Capgemini Guatemala Photo Contest

Photo Contests are fun for me. I don’t usually go into it to win, I just like participating and checking out what everyone else puts in. I happen to be blessed with some truly gifted friends so I don’t usually see my pictures as being anything exceptional.

This becomes somewhat of a problem as I happen to have friends and acquaintances who are very gifted in several different things so pretty much anything I do OK, I know someone who absolutely ROCKS it. Like in Photography, I compare myself to the likes of Ivan Castro or Freddy Murphy and of course, I pale in comparison.

So you can imagine that usually when I join photo contests, that’s what I have in mind as a good photograph. So when I submitted my pictures, I basically did it just because it seemed like a reasonable thing to do seeing as how it’s a great hobby and I enjoy it quite thoroughly.
Now try to picture my shock when I hear that I won. 3rd place. Yup, I took 3rd place with this picture.
It’s a little something I took when at Lake Atitlan with Susan and her co-workers.
But that wasn’t all. I also took 1st place! Yeah! 1st & 3rd place! Very exciting stuff, let me tell you. Now, there wasn’t any prize money or anything like that, just the fun of participating (and winning hehehe) but also 12×15 prints are hanging up on the executive floor for everyone to see. Including me. Which is fun!
Here is the winning pic.