Genova and Nueva Deli

So last Saturday I decided to try out a new Stonewall Pesto Sauce that I bought a few weeks ago with some garlic bread. I was very surprised with how well it all  came out!

Basil Pesto

Working in a tiny half sort-of kitchen making certain meals can be tricky because of the equipment I’m using but this is certainly one of those meals that quickly proved that good ingredients cook carefully can have great results even if you’re cooking on a $3 table-top stove and a hand-me-down toaster oven. That gorgeous garlic and rosemary bread was something we learned how to make when we took cooking classes at Cook & Relax, a wonderful relaxed environment with the great Chef Juan Manuel Rossi who also graced the pages of GuateDining


Pasta al Pesto with Garlic Rosemary breadOne day this week after work I picked up Susan and we hit up La Palace again and I finally got the Pasta Bolognese after a couple years. I remembered that it was very tasty and I was not disappointing. The sauce was meaty and delicious and tasted like it had been simmering for hours.

Pasta Bolognesa from PalaceSince we were going to go to the beach for the long weekend I went ahead and took a day off to get things ready and stopped in for breakfast at Genova Coffe House. Now, I decided to go with something easy and decided for the asparagus and mushroom omlette.

Not exactly inspired, right? And apparently quite a dismal choice despite the bread being absolutely fantastic!

Why was it a dismal choice? Because it just so happens that they had 2×1 on breakfast so I decided to take some Chilaquiles to my team. There I was confronted by the utterly depressing realization that they were FANTASTIC. I mean really outstanding.

So while I was munching away at a boring, if correctly cooked, omelette I had in my power a delicious breakfast that I could have been enjoying instead!

So you live and you learn. After that I decided to finally go check out Nueva Deli, a little place hidden in z. 14 after seeing the fine folks at GuateDining talk about it’s glories. Here you can see the owner, Juan Alfonso Saravia, going over the extensive collection of 50 different kinds of beer.

Then we moved on to the wines which was smaller but certainly quite complete including an interesting yellow tail Shiraz that I now have my eye on.

This place has SO much goodness it took massive amounts of restraint not to take the whole store with me. I happen to be a fan of Kettle chips and decided to whisk away a bag of the Ranch flavored chips which just blew me away.

Arizona Ice Tea is something that’s come along quite a bit in recent years though it seems to have faded some from the places where I usually shop so it was a very pleasant surprise indeed to come across a whole row of the distinctive oversized cans.

These Aloe Vera drinks are apparently very popular concoction and my wife was saying that it was something that would be good for gastritis so I think I might have to swing by and pick up a few so we can try them. And some Kettle chips while I’m in the neighborhood.

The meat selection was astounding with all kinds of imported and specialty cuts including a delicious-looking cheese wrapped in prosciutto that was very enticing!

Though we saw many, many more things which you can check out below one thing worth mentioning was the Goldschlager. Yup, that’s the one with gold flakes and you can see them swirling around in the bottle.

So that’s what I have for you for now though coming up soon I do have some great photos from our trip to the beach so stick around for more on that!

16 thoughts on “Genova and Nueva Deli

  1. Muchas gracias Cesar por el comentario y por la recomendación! Y ya sabe que para lo que se presente, estamos a la orden!

  2. Muchas gracias por la mención a GuateDining en los articulos, muchos éxitos con el blog. Las fotos están re bonitas, cuando quieras publicar algo con nosotros estas más que bienvenido. Un Saludo.

  3. Juan Manuel, gracias por leer el blog! Siempre nos encanta ir a Cook & Relax y aunque ahorita no podamos asistir de seguro pasare aunque sea de visita! Nueva Deli es una Deli que esta en la zona 14 (en su facebook tienen un mapa mostrando la ubicacion: Yo no estoy vinculado de ninguna forma con los negocios sobre los cuales escribo pero me gusta compartir esas joyas con otros amantes de la comida! Saludos a todos por ahi y de seguro pasare saludando un dia de estos!

  4. Seth; yo no entendi, esta deli es tuya, donde queda y si no que onda, contame , juanma.
    gracias por tus comentarios sobre mi y la escuela, ya sabes que esta es tu casa…

  5. Quiero probar los té Arizona y las Aloe Vera drinks! y los chips como los de especies pero de Barbacoa ^.^

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