And the Cooking Begins

So as I mentioned a few days ago, we decided to start cooking more and eating out less. So I’ve really started having a chance to cook a lot more than I had. With that in mind I took my Christmas gift certificate from my SIL Katherine and took a look around House & Green for some new stuff for my kitchen. The first thing I ran into was this digital thermometer. Sadly it was a little out of my budget so I kept looking. That’s when I ran into this thin grater. Great for zesting and for cheese, this was very much within budget but since I was on a gift certificate I had to find something else to take with it but ran out of time.So with that shopping trip over I decided it was time to start cooking! Since I was just starting out I got so carried away with the cooking I forgot to take pictures of the process but here’s meatball sub we had.Made from scratch, about 45 minutes from start to finish. It was very delicious! After that for Thursday’s lunch we decided to go for something easy and quick, chicken milanese. First I cut the checken breast through the middle and opened it like a book.After that flatten it out either with a rolling pin or a meat hammer. Though since I don’t have either I used my lemon squeezer to pound it out.Pour out a cup of flour into one plate, two eggs and a tablespoon of oil into another.And into a third plate pour bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and Cilantro. The process is very easy, you just take the chicken, coat on both sides with flour, then dredge in the egg and oil mixture followed by the breadcrumb mixture. When it’s evenly coated put into the frying pan with hot oil. When golden on one side, turn over and repeat for the other side. Since you flattened the chicken, it will cook through without burning the breading and will be juicy and tender and delicious.We accompanied this with some sauteed potatoes and onions like my Momma used to make.And while I was busy throwing all of that together my wife lovingly made us some delicious Strawberry Lemonade, here she is carefully straining the strawberry puree to catch the seeds. I think for next time we’re going to have to buy some of that Cheese Cloth I saw at Mia Cucina (now I’m sorry I missed their Christmas discounts!)What do you make for lunch?