Back and Cooking!!

So we finally got back from our vacation and, of course, my wonderful Mother-in-Law had us over for Pepian (which she knows we love!). It’s always so nice to be the guest, especially when there’s food as good as this! It must have been a few months since the last time I’ve eaten that so it was a very pleasant surprise.The biggest surprise though, was when I opened the bread basket. Now they mentioned that my Father-in-Law had been eating some Tamales but I was under the impression that they had cone out and bought some but turns out she had made these cute little things!We also finally managed to catch up with our friends Danny and Elvis and my Sister-in-Law Katherine. We went to a special event that was being thrown to support Jon Dunn who was diagnosed with¬†Guillain-Barre Syndrome though he is recovering little by little. After that we decided to go to Acalas Alas¬†for some wings. We got a bunch of different wings and had a great time!The service was amazing, which hasn’t always been the case, and the wings were delicious. Here are the Buffalo Wings.These are mildly spicy though you can choose how hot you want them. These are the grilled wings, we got some lemon juice that rounded out the flavor perfectly. Without it they were just a little dry but with it, they were unmissable!Katherine, though, prefers her wings boneless so we got some of those too. These are much more filling since they’re 100% meat.By far my favorite were the buffalo wings and the french fries. Super crisp, not too oily, they made a great side for these bold flavors.That was last week, this week we’re all about home cookin’ and I’m going to take a stab at sharing some of my recipes with you as well!