NY Strip Steak

So we’re back! We had a wonderful vacation where we got to see my parents and travel around a bit as well as visit friends and have an amazing time! Here’s a picture of us finally all together after about two years.

So as you might imagine, it was very nice to spend time together. One of the things I missed doing was cooking for everyone. So when I visited the Central Market there was so much fresh and wonderful food that I couldn’t resist and decided to cook a special meal. So at the butchers stand I got us some some NY Strip Steaks. I just love how they wrap it up into a little paper package. So that’s what the package looks like when I brought it home but when unwrapped, it revealed these beauties!

Maybe it’s just because I’m a fan of meats but these were gorgeous! I also got some fresh rosemary which I used to infuse some flavor to the steak. As part of this I mad a bed of rosemary for the steaks to rest on.After I gave the steak a quick sear on the cast iron grill (giving it those beautiful sear lines) I laid them down on the cookie sheet and placed some rosemary on top as well. Here you can also see the Russet potatoes baking in the oven. Steak just wouldn’t be complete without some spring onions. I sprinkled some salt and EVOO (extra virgin Olive Oil) on these and wrapped them in tin foil and let them steam in the oven. This get’s them extra sweet, soft (and easy).I also chopped up a bit of them so we could sprinkle on the baked potatoes at the end. I figure, if you have something this gorgeous and fresh, you’re going to want to take advantage of as much of it as you can!I was thinking of making a mushroom gravy with these but due to certain health considerations I wound up just sautéing them instead with a little EVOO, salt and pepper. It’s hard to get these wrong, they’re so delicious on their own! Just make sure not to crowd the pan or else they won’t brown as well.And how could we finish this without some Guacamole! We ran into some beautiful avocados that I couldn’t just leave there. We like our Guacamole to be very simple. No tomato or onion or fancy spices. Just salt and lemon and quality avocado.So this was our wonderful steak dinner. I kind of wished that we had a picture of one of the plates at the end but everyone was so hungry by the time I whipped out the camera there wasn’t much left to see!

I hope everyone had a great vacation and I look forward to sharing a great 2012 with all of you!