Cooking In and Eating Out

This week has been an interesting one for meals. We tried some new things at Café Saúl, had some AMAZING pizza and dug in at Pans & Company. So let’s start if off with our visit to one of our favorite places, Café Saúl. Check out the insane Campari Soda lightshades. One of the things I like is seeing how they use non-decorative items to make something new!

Last time we went we decided to try some of the new drinks and wound up trading so this time I got the Strawberry Lassi and Susan got the Mr. Ginger so we were very happy with our choices this time.

Susan decided to go for the half Pizza Margherita since she prefers to keep it light. This is actually a great option since sometimes you just want a little something to eat and the pizza here is very good.

I decided to go for the Linguine Amatriciana, a delicious pasta dish with bits of bacon, garlic and just enough heat to keep you warm but without sending you rushing out for a drink.

As evidenced from this picture, I admit to having scraped my plate clean. This stuff is AMAZING!

For dessert we decided to go for a rustic green apple and pear tart with a Nutella and orange liquor base that had that perfect balance of bitter and sweet that just sings in your mouth.

Also, we recently started having prosciutto sandwiches for supper though due to the tight economic times, we went with this amazing sandwich bread we got a PriceSmart that’s got a great sturdiness to it (it stood up to my mashing tomato and Extra Virgin Olive Oil on it) without being a literal pain to eat.

Speaking of pizza, I admit to having been led to the the terrible path of dietary corruption by the beautiful pizzas coming out of this log oven.

This is Rocco’s Pizza, which can be found in CC Paseo Real on the corner of 15 Ave. 18 Calle Z. 13, behind where PlayZone used to be. It’s toasty deliciousness was too much to resist so I had to cave and here is the result.

Since I was already off the dietary wagon for the week, we decided to go to Pans & Company where I indulged in my favorite: Serrano Ham, tomato and olive oil on a baguette.

In the end, I’ve been pretty good this week which will be evidenced in the next few days when I start sharing some of our favorite recipes of meals that we’ve been making. If you see anything and want to know more about it, just let me know!