Saúl Farmers Market in Paseo Cayala

This past  Sunday was the Saul Farmers Market. I always look forward to this event because there’s all kinds of great stuff you can find there! This month was especially nice because they had it in Paseo Cayala. When you first approach there is this arch greeting you.When we first walked in the sweetest place was the first one we approached. Maybe you’ve seen them around?Moving down the line I saw this gem. Now I imagine that it probably is very similar to regular cheese but somehow Buffalo Mozzarella was a little beyond my adventurous mood of the moment.

In front of that was a stand with some T-shirts that just cracked me up!but back to the really important stuff: food!This was one of the most interesting cakes I found. It’s an orange coconut cake with a whole bunch of other spices mixed in. don’t you just love the orange slice on top?No I love gummy bears and out of necessity have begun my attempt to lose weight. So imagine how thrilled I was to find sugar free gummy bears! Everything they have at Dulce Cacatua is really great, we have yet to be disappointingThis is another great example that my SIL Katherine is holding up. It’s a Mojito Lolipop! Seriously, that stuff is great.This was possibly one of my favorite stops. They were laughing and chatting with me and teasing each other and having a grand old time while selling some amazing fruits and vegetables. I couldn’t help but buy a few things off of them their charisma was so contagious!This was another place I just loved. They have every cut of beef imaginable. You can just pick whichever you want from this diagram. This may lead to some serious experimentation!I also ran into this interesting little stand, Gelart. Especially made for parties and other events, they’ll wheel this up and serve gelato’s to your guests. Prices weren’t too bad and the ice cream looked pretty good.We also came across these salsa’s which at Q40 each is about average, I think. The complex flavors were really something to enjoy and the heat was very restrained which, if you’re not big into spicy, would be a good thing. I think it’s not all that easy to find good mild salsa dip’s.This was the one my wife couldn’t walk past. They had mini-quesadillas (the bread, not the tortilla with cheese), Chuchitos, Torrejas and all kinds of great things. Susan took them to work for lunch the next day and I hear they were great!At the very back I happened across EngasHada’s Shoes and Lidy’s Jams. These are unique and colorful shoes that are impossible to forget!And here are the brains behind the operation, three super bubbly people with smiles and enthusiasm that comes through in the vibrancy of their products. The huge variety of jams and nice but the way the set up their products for sale was very inviting.And my favorite logo of all times goes to Ongos. it’s carved in wood and 100% awesomeness. They sell all kinds of mushrooms and have some great recipes you can try out!If you love cheeses, the Farmers Market is a great place to go because there’s several different local cheeses. I’m not a big fan of cheese but this one was set up so picturesquely that I couldn’t help myself and took a bunch of pictures of it.

 There was also Alcachofas y Tomates that had some beautiful tomatoes and promised to look into getting me some artichokes (which has been so difficult to find!)One of the downsides of getting there later in the day is that things sell out. Like these oranges, they were going like they were free! They weren’t free but they sure looked good!

And of course, who could miss the famous Saul Mini’s

If you haven’t gone, I strong recommend it. It’s a great environment with live music, fresh food and lot’s of interesting and tasty things for sale!

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