Fantastic Meals Both Home and Out

Hello everyone! I feel like I missed a post but I’m not sure what happened there. This Morning The Housewife Wannabe was kind enough to open up her blog and have me guest write a blog post on her site (you can read it here). As for me, it’s been an exciting time! We got published in Publinews, here’s the front page.Aaaaand that’s me stuffing my face with delicious mango. Yeah, that’s some good fruit! After all of that, we went to Pintxos, this awesome little place where they make miniature food. Perhaps not the best choice for those with large appetite but the level of cooking here is amazing and is certainly worth trying. Just take a look at my  Sirloin with a Quail egg. I think if the egg had been sunny side up would have been better but the meat was spot on.My wife and SIL went for the Sliders (at just Q35!). They truly were a great little dish, perfect for small appetites and that “ketchup” actually tastes like a tomato and chile pimento sauce. Sweet, yet not overpowering, I think it complemented these dishes quite serenely. This week I decided to try out my rotisserie and slathered this chicken in EVOO, dijon mustard, dill, oregano, salt, pepper and put a little knob of butter under the skin of each breast. I tied it up with twine and slapped it in there for about an hour and Voila, out comes these gorgeous beast.That skin was so crispy, the meat so juicy, it just makes my mouth water to think about it!On Friday we were fortunate enough to be able to hear our friend Majo sing in Mozart’s Requiem. Unfortunately, I was feeling quite sick that day and was medicated out of my head. In the morning, however, my wonderful wife (how ever did I get so lucky?) got up early and made me breakfast in bed! It was delicious and felt great to be pampered a bit!So that day I was actually feeling quite a bit better and we had lunch at her parent’s house. My MIL also likes to experiment a bit in the kitchen and made this chicken with vegetables and a coconut water sauce that was really really good. One of the things I love about eating there (besides her experimenting with new flavor combinations) is that they always have tons of fresh and delicious fruits on hand. Being the season that it is and all, they had a big plate of Mango (which my wife gently reminded me was for everyone before I could devour it all!)On Sunday I had one of the most contradictory experiences I’ve had in a while. We went to San Martin in Miraflores. It’s been quite a while since we’ve last eaten here and we usually liked it quite a lot. But this time was something else. First of all, they brought my MIL’s and my orders first. Like way first, about fifteen minutes before everyone else. She got the chicken and loroco pasta and a salad.I decided to go for the tuna sandwich and Tomato with roasted chipotle chicken soup. The black bread was so picturesque though after getting cold for 15 minutes, while I waited for the rest of the orders to come in, it was not easy to eat.The tomato and chipotle soup was actually really good once I asked them to reheat it after it congealed during the waiting process. I don’t know if it’s just me but for me it is absolutely inexcusable to bring half a table’s orders that long before the rest. It as like they just tossed out our meals while they went about cooking the rest. Despite my indignation, this soup was very good. Well, once they warmed it up that is.My wife and SIL both got the same pizza which came out white and pasty and without much flavor at all. It was honestly quite disappointing after how good they used to be. I don’t know if they were completely off that day or what but with the kind of competition they have going on in that food court, they’re going to have to step up their game if they want to stick around there. Bottom line? Their food is alright though the ingredients aren’t that fresh. The tomatoes on the pizza, for example, tasted like they were quite past their prime. I already stopped going to the z. 10 location because of the exorbitant parking (I paid Q35 the last time I went there because it took them over an hour to take our bill and charge us) and I’m not terribly inclined to return to this location either. The restaurant business is entirely too competitive to bring this kind of sloppy food to the table! The one on 20 Calle though is entirely a different story. I’d give it 3 thumbs up if I had a spare!So on that note, I leave you with a chocolate chip and walnut cookie I made tonight along with a cool glass of milk to wash it down. I may have had a few of them already and may have a few more in a bit I’m sure but I’m always happy to share the joy!