The End of Vacations

So Holy Week is over and it’s already the weekend again! A few days ago I remembered the time that I got some quail eggs and made fried toast with tomato and scrambled eggs so I decided to do it again except with normal eggs this time.And, as you may recall, I made some cookies so we had cookies and ice cream as a snack. I love the balance of sweet and salty in the cookies and the ice cream gave it that extra moisture that rounded it out nicely!On Wednesday we weren’t sure if anything was going to be open so we happened along to Philly’s and Dog’s which is a great place to get a Philly Cheesesteak. The fries are really good and crunchy and they have the big bottles of Tabasco.and there’s no mistake that these fries are absolutely extra crunchy.When we go shopping I always keep an eye out for artichokes. It’s just incredibly difficult to come up with nice big artichokes and, true to form, I found this baby (literally) tucked away in the produce section.Not quite what I had in mind though it was aesthetically pleasing. Since we picked up some chicken I decided to whip out some Mole Poblano that I bought at a Mexican store that I’ll have to introduce y’all to!We also decided to go ahead and check out Tony Roma’s since we were in the mood for some ribs. Now first I want you to just take a look at them befor I tell you about it.Yes, it’s a good looking rib. Let me walk you through this. Notice how the sauce has caramelized and isn’t runny. Also notice how the bone sticks out? That means that it was slow cooked. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. When rib’s are properly done, the bone will come out clean.Ta-da! It was a beautifully cooked rack of ribs and we were sad when they were all done. but, we could hardly stop eating now could we? On Saturday we got together with our good friend Majo and my SIL Kat and we headed out to Panajachel for the day. Our first stop? Katok. We got the huevos divorciados which were fantastic!I’m actually sad to say I’m not sure how they made them but I’m thinking that maybe it’s baked from the way the egg had welded onto the tortilla. Notice the black tortilla, a delicious specialty. Once in Panajachel I had to pick up some hot sauce at this cool little place. It smells delicious but it’s vicious spicy! Before leaving we stopped in for a pizza at the famous Circus Bar. It’s a small little place just barely at the end of the beaten path that has the most amazing pizza! This is my absolute favorite.But there is a myriad of flavor combinations you can go for there, so give your imagination free reign and see what happens! So as we got back to reality on Sunday we decided to go to IHOP. Now I know I’ve talked about them before, but the burgers there are excelent. Make sure you give it a shot if you ever wind up there!As you may have noticed, I am absolutely not an elitist when it comes to food. There’s a lot of great food out there, just waiting for you to give it a chance! Until next time, enjoy!