Asparagus Soup

So it feels like forever since my last post. We’ve had one computer die on us, another one refuse to revive and thankfully I have my super secret backup which is dragging me towards the light. Dice we’re on a budget lockdown, we’ve been eating at home more and more so today I have a few really easy and delicious recipes for ya!


First of all we have some asparagus soup. It’s very easy to make and doesn’t require too much work. First I keep 1 cup zip locked bags of frozen stock for just such an occasion. So I took 4 cups of stock and defrosted. Making your own stock requires nothing more than simmering carrot, onion, celery and leeks for about 45 minutes. This stuff is great to use with all kinds of meals, you can use it instead of water to make rice or you can use it to make sauces or soups.


So while that’s defrosting I chopped an onion, some celery, a couple cloves of garlic and cut the stems off the asparagus. I heated about 2 tablespoons of olive oil in the pot and dumped in my veggies.


Once you’ve let them sweat a bit, you’ll notice that they look shiny and become really really fragrant. While that’s going on you want to peel and cube a russet potato (that’s a baking potato). You don’t want to do that too early just cause they brown a bit and you want a nice vibrant color for your soup. Once the veggies are nice and shiny but before they brown, dump the potato cubes in with the asparagus and the four cups of stock. This should be enough to cover them.



You need to let that simmer for a good 20-25 minutes so everything gets nice and tender. Your kitchen will smell delicious when it’s ready (my momma always told me that foods usually about ready once you can smell it). With a ladle take out all the ingredients and put them in the blender. Be careful not to fill over 1/3 ’cause it jumps and will make a mess! Your blender should have a hole on top that you can cover with a cloth that will let out the steam but not the soup. Add a couple ladlefulls of broth so it can properly liquidate and go to town!


Now there’s two ways of going about this, you can strain it for smoothness or you can leave it for a little bit of texture. I personally prefer creamier so I went ahead and strained it.


Now, due to a lack of foresight we ate some of the asparagus we had bought for the soup which is why it isn’t as green as it should’ve been I later went and added another bunch of asparagus which made the color pop quite a bit more. Here’s a picture of where this diverted asparagus wound up:


T’was a necessary evil and was quite delicious, but back to the soup. At this point I decided to add 3 tablespoons of coconut milk out of pure whimsy nut it didn’t turn out great, it added a sweet touch that I hadn’t necessarily expected. The for the final touch I dripped the coconut milk on top of the bowl of soup to give it that fun look. I reserved some asparagus tips for decoration though I think it was better off without.