Pintxos, Frisco Grill, Cafetalito and Much More!

So today I’d like to start off with an apology. It’s been a pretty difficult couple of weeks and to top everything off our computer died leaving me without access to the blog and thus the lack of activity of late. But enough of that, we’ve had some truly delicious meals lately!We tried another Patiserie in Paseo Cayala called Le Petit Paris. while it does have a very feminine vibe about it, the food is great. While a little on the expensive side, their pastries are extremely well made and we couldn’t but help remember our friend Majo who was MIA that day.I really liked the way they served the tea. It was steeped just the right amount of time and was served with these very cool artifacts that poured it directly into the cup. The tea was extremely aromatic and, while warm, was not boiling which would have killed some of the flavor not to mention scald my tongue!Now I present to you my latest addiction, the italian soda at Cafetalito. while it’s very simple (sparkling water and flavored syrup) I’ve had it at a few other places where it just didn’t taste very good but at Cafetalito they nailed it. They have a ton of different flavors that you can choose from, everything from green apple to toasted marshmellow.We also decided to go try Rick’s Burgers. We’ve walked in front of this place quite a few times and people kept urging me to go, telling me how delicious it is that eventually we had a chance to go and it was great! The burger was juicy and flavorful, the bread was fresh and toasty and the cheese had melted beautifully. The french fries were crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside and the sauces that they have available were amazing! Susan especially enjoyed the basil sauce and I loved the variety of hot sauces. Check this out!Those were just the ones I took to my table! There were probably close to 100 hot sauces, each one different from the rest. So we also had a work function and, to my surprise, they hired a taco truck to cater the meal! it was all you could eat and the cochinita pibil was outstanding! I was a little sad with the lime wedges since they were pretty dry but the food itself was quite palatable. It really made me miss those days a few years ago when I would meet up with my friend Jose and go eat street food looking for the best places to eat. Aaaahhhhh, the good times. The bad times were the next day when you were unlucky but those moments were quickly forgotten.
 Now some of you may remember that I’ve previously written about Pintxos, a miniature meal place at Paseo Cayala. This place is outstanding. Everything I’ve tried there has been great. What I love about it is the fact that they’re small portions of great food that also have smaller prices. That same meal at full-dish price would be very much outside of my budget but here it comes out to a very acceptable price.These sliders, for example, come it at a very reasonable Q35 and are very satisfying. I know that I spotted certain veggies in the meat and tasted some very familiar flavors but they all work together to make a perfect little bite.Now the upside of having a meal that size is the fact that you still have room for dessert. We went to d’dumplings and decided to try a mix of several. This Tiramisu was a real mess! It was just dripping everywhere making it quite the challenging bit. I personally really liked the buffalo though I think I stood alone on that one. Everyone did agree that the NY Pizza was the favorite. It’s been quite a while since the last time we’ve eaten at Frisco Grill and after this meal, I’d say that it’s been TOO long! Susan got these ribs which were just falling off the bone, had amazing flavor and the meat was just that perfect combination of juicy and tender that almost made me wish I had chosen that. If I had chosen anything other than this, I would have kicked myself stupid. This tenderloin was so tender and juicy I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t in a steakhouse. It was perfectly cooked (rare, for me) which is not often pulled off very well. The outside was crispy and smokey and the inside was tender and creamy. I got the garlicky fries which, I’m guessing, are probably sauteed with garlic and rosemary giving it a very particular flavor and came with a jalapeno dipping sauce that was just creamy and surprisingly delicious. Kind of reminded me of a hollandaise sauce.I decided to include this in today’s post because it’s just one of those things that I have a hard time not ordering. It’s the chicken empanada at Cafetalito and it happens to be located at Paiz Las Americas and while it may not be the most amazing thing you will ever eat, it is definitely one of the best snacks I’ve come across. On Saturday we went to my friend Jose’s daughters second birthday party and, for the first time in quite a while, had Paches. I went for the spicy that had a chile inside that gave it some great heat. What I love about these is that they’re creamy yet firm and with a squeeze of lime and a bite of bread makes for a great bite. This is not a meal for the uninitiated, as many novice cooks will tell you. This is one of those meals that even the experienced cross their fingers over when they pull them out of the pot. But these were on the money!As for home cooking, well, I blame Adam Roberts for this. He keeps talking about his chicken meals that I got a hankering for it and made myself a roasted chicken with vegetable rissotto and cranberry sauce. Just a little something I threw together but was so delicious I could hardly resist eating the whole thing myself. I did, however, show some restraint and not lick the plate.Now, I remember when my wife and I first started dating she was always so worried about cooking for me because she had trouble getting that perfect sunny side egg. But here’s a tip for those of you who share that same concern: Just put the egg in on a low flame and cover. That will gently cook the egg and give you a perfectly set white with a warm yet rummy yolk. If you have a glass lid, even better. That way you can watch it and take it off without losing the heat that builds inside!