Pintxos, Pizza Grizzly and Tenedor del Cerro

As I write this I sit mostly recovered from our trip last weekend. We went to the beach with some friends where I was mauled by mosquitos and burnt past pink and red to a dark magenta. While that may sound like torture, I’ll admit, it was a lot of fun! We went fishing, we had fresh seafood  and got to enjoy this beautiful canal.Part of the reasoning behind this trip was that we’re all somewhat tightening our belts financially. We all have different things going on but agreed that we wanted to go somewhere and not pay an arm and a leg to do it. In the spirit of not over spending, we decided to make wings at home. We’re also trying to cut down a couple of sizes so these are my baked wings. I just coat them in EVOO, rosemary, salt, pepper and put them in the oven until golden and then coat them with BBQ or Buffalo sauce and voila, we had some delicious wings for lunch!We also had some pork chops that my wife wanted me to do something a little different with. I decided to make some pesto and accompany with some creamy mashed potatoes and roasted veggies. All very simple but went great together! I actually re-used those veggies later in a marinara sauce, I just blended them in and it gave a slightly more complex flavor, I highly recommend that you try it sometime. You won’t regret it.For mothers day we went to Pintxos in Paseo Cayalá. I know I’ve already written about it several times but it’s such a delicious place I couldn’t help myself. I had the calamari with caramelized onions. It was a touch on the salty side but the tentacles were so crispy and bacon-like I forgave that tiny flaw. I also just love the presentation!Lately everyone’s been going crazy about the grand opening of Pizza Grizzly. It was my last day at work and we had a farewell lunch with a lot of friends from work and my beautiful wife. Below is the picture of us with the bear out front.Now, the obvious question is “how was the pizza?”. I’m sure those of you who haven’t been are hoping for an answer to that. We had four different pizzas (3 cheese, del mar, binge and Margherita) and had both pan pizza and thin crust. I feel bad not having more pictures to reference you to but they were just flying onto people’s plates and barely had time to take the ones I did! The pizza was OK. There isn’t much difference between the pan pizza and the thin crust since the pan pizza is actually quite thin. There seems to be an inherent lack of flavor that I kind of hope they figure out and fix quickly.Now don´t be fooled, they are very sure of their target market, and it ain’t children. While the waiters are dressed up like cowboy/girls and there’s a definite western theme, this is not a great place to be a kid. There’s no kiddie games, video games or any other type of games other than a little corner of the parking lot that has a small place for them to run around in. The music is 80’s and 90’s and they have an OK selection of alcoholic beverages. The prices are good, which is a huge point in its favor, and the ambiance is great for an afternoon out with friends remembering old times. For dessert we went with the brownie smothered in caramel and ice cream that I don’t believe we managed to finish since it was a wee bit sweeter than I would have preferred. All in all, we had a great time, the food wasn’t terrible and the prices made it attractive enough to come back. Don’t expect to be blown away by the food but it’s a great place to have a good time with your friends. Now, I’m not much of a breakfast kind of guy but my wife and her friends got together for breakfast at El Tenedor del Cerro and I tagged along. I was honestly surprised at the choices, none of them were very attractive to me. There are five options of complete breakfast dishes (huevos rancheros, huevos fritos, Omellette, Quesadilla and Submarino). Despite the 20 minute wait for a table (after being told it was 45 with a hint of maybe you can go somewhere else very strongly included) and being very hungry none of these options was the least bit appealing to me. Not that they’re terrible but baying Q34 or Q47 for a breakfast that I don’t want to eat was not something I was about to do.

So I went with the french toast (a very reasonable Q15, beverage not included). My wife went for the Huevos Rancheros and was about as underwhelmed as I was (somehow I can’t write underwhelmed without thinking of 10 Things I Hate About You, but I digress).  All in all it’s a beautiful place, with an amazing view and an OK breakfast. Perhaps their oddball dishes were better than these but the combination of ingredients are not something that my taste buds look forward to.

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  1. Nice review man. Makes me hungry. You should come to a 4×4 trip one day and enlighten us with your cooking.

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