Spanish Tortilla

It’s a great to be back in the groove of cooking again! For supper, and possibly straining the bounds of our diet, I decided to make a Spanish tortilla (a Spanish style omelette). We really like it because it’s tasty, satisfying, quick and easy to make and it just tastes so good. Don’t sweat, don’t fret, I’m here to guide you step by step. First peel a russet potato (that’s the baking kind) and cut it into cubes. Pour about 2 cm of olive oil and fry the potatoes. You’ll know they’re ready when the turn a delicious golden brown.


The next step is to finely chop some onion and reserve. Beat four eggs with salt and pepper and add the golden cubes of spuddy goodness. Remove the excess oil from the pan and toss in the onion. For making the tortilla you’re going to want to prefer to use a pan that has as straight an edges possible. That gives it that verticality that is so distinctive.


Right when the onion is nice and transparent but before they start getting toasty and golden, remove the onion into the egg mixture and then give it a mix. Some might skip this step but I feel like it gives it a more consistent bite throughout. Pour the mixture into the pan, turn down the heat to medium low and cover.


Now, I personally pref to cover it, I’ve noticed that it speeds up the cooking time and doesn’t seem to have any particular downside. Leave it there until it’s cooked about 3/4 of the way through. Take off the fire, put a plate on top and flip over. Do over a sink if you’re worried but do it quick and you’ll be OK.


You’ll notice that you have some liquid on the bottom so I usually pour that out first and then slide the cooked part on top. You’ll see it puff up quickly, let it cook for a minute or two just to get some nice color on top.


And voila, you’ve done it again. Feel free to bask in the praise of your loved ones. I recommend serving with olives, a nice crusty bread. It may not be great diet food but sometimes you have to splurge on something that’s worth it!

4 thoughts on “Spanish Tortilla

  1. Man, that’s like 12 steps too many! Don’t peel your potatoes – use organic ones & get the benefit of skin vitamins. Also, add garlic. Just a couple of TBS of oil will do. cook the potatoes, onions, and garlic together until the potatoes are soft. Add your greens whenever. And then, instead of having to drain stuff out of the oil, you can just add your eggs right into the potatoes. Give it a couple minutes & then stick it under your broiler (or if your oven is busted, like mine, into the toaster oven) to cook the top, and then BAM, you’re done. Seriously, it’s super easy!

  2. Here’s another favorite omelet: Tomato frittata with fresh herbs . There’s a video demonstrating how to invert the frittata to cook the second side – just what you’ll need to do to make a moist tortilla.

  3. Last week I kicked off a six-week summer in Spain series with gazpacho . Today’s recipe, tortilla de patata, also known as tortilla Española, is another traditional popular food. Spaniards eat it for lunch, dinner, snacks (meriendas), and for tapas. But, if you ask for a Spanish omelet in the United States, chances are you’ll be served an egg omelet filled with tomato sauce, bell peppers and onions.

  4. This video explains how to cook a Spanish tortilla. Peel the potatoes and cut into thin round slices. Slice peppers, onion and parsley. Heat frying pan under High-Medium and fry potatoes. Do not allow potatoes to become crisp. Mix eggs in bowl, add cooked potatoes, onions, peppers, parsley, black pepper and salt.

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