To part ways you first must cross paths with people you want to share the road with. And for us there’s no better place to share time with than Italianni’s. Abundant food, great service and a warm atmosphere. We were able to share another meal the with friends recently and did we ever enjoy it!

If you’ve ever eaten there you’ll be familiar with the delicious mix of Extra Virgin Olive oil with herbs and a dot of their delicious aceto. You take a piece of their crusty fresh bread and swipe it through and you’ll have a piece of heaven in your mouth.

We started off with a cheese dip appetizer which everyone really loved. It was creamy yet not overpowering and was just the right amount to open up your appetite without filling you up before you eat!

Usually when we go to Italianni’s we order pastas and dessert or salad but this time due to group pressure we were swayed to order steak in a mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes. The sauce was delicious and thick and just what you imagine when you think of the perfect gravy. Though it was a bit on the heavy side, it really hit the spot and made for a great bite.

And the Lasagna, oh the lasagna. This is by far the absolutely best preparation of Lasagna that I’ve had in my life. It’s creamy, the sauce is thick and the flavor is just right. It isn’t overbearing and it’s has a substantial texture that gives you a good bit without being tough.

For dessert we shared this breead pudding. While not the most attractive dish on the menu, it is my wife’s favorite dessert. It has that great balance of sweet and cinnamon and is incredibly moist. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

We also ordered the Pannacotta which is a milk based gelatin dessert that was served with a berry sauce that gave it such a great zing I may have eaten a little bit more than my share of it. Just maybe. Though I officially deny any accusations of doing so!