First of all I’d like to apologize for disappearing like that but if you follow me on Facebook you’ve probably seen some mention of recent changes and a big announcement. Well, the fact is that we have moved to the U.S. and are currently living in Pennsylvania. We’re discovering a whole new world out here, looking for work, setting up life and getting things moving. But right before we left, we went to Klosters a few times.

Most people who know me know that I really don’t like cheese. It isn’t that the idea is something I don’t like, I actually love the idea and really wish I could like it but the flavor is just beyond me. I love the texture, I love how it looks but the taste and smell are just beyond me. Until know. But first, we’ll paralyze a few taste buds with a wee sip  of the good stuff.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with Klosters, it’s basically a fondue restaurant. What’s fondue you ask? Well, fondue is usually a pot of melted cheese that you dip bread into. Here’s a picture for you to get the idea.

This one was the house blend of cheese and spices with chorizo extremeno. We also ordered our long time favorite, and the meal we had when we got engaged, which brings another pot of hot oil and you basically fry this great marinated steak in the hot oil.

You can see the steak off to the right. And to accompany this we get a side order of potato salad. Now I should be clear, I don’t usually go for potato salad. I have a lifelong aversion to Mayo. I just really don’t like it. But this is the good stuff, the stuff that tastes real, that doesn’t taste like some ungodly concoction that should never have existed. This is good stuff!

So I look forward to sharing our adventures in the US with all of you from now on since I’ve caught up all my Guatemala meals! We have so much that has happened and I’m excited to share it all.