Crêpe’s & Crostini

Since our move to the US, one of the things that we really missed was going out to Café Saúl for a crepe so when I heard that there was a good place for crepes in Lancaster, we just had to check out Rachel’s Creperie. We made this a family outing and went with my parents. My wife decided to go for the banana nut crepe which, while simple, packed a vivacious combination of banana, Nutella and peanut butter.

My dad went for the simpler brown sugar and lemon while my mom got the Mediterranean which had spinach and chicken and curry. It had that fantastic combination of tangy and sweet with just a tiny kick of spicy right in the back of your throat.

Mine was perhaps quite simple but also very tasty, a Capri with tomato, basil and mozzarella. While good, the tomatoes were a little bland, they didn’t really shine like they should have but it was still a very good bite. I would just urge me to usenet tomatoes for that since that’s the primary flavor that comes shining rough and without that it’s only good, not exceptional.

While I would have loved to pig out, I’m in both a diet and a budget so we showed much restraint. At home, however, I was recently fortunate enough to find Ric’s Bread. I was looking for a nice crust baguette, I quickly found that it was not going to happen. Apparently the nearest place that makes it is in Philly though I was told that Ric’s might be making them soon (fingers crossed!). So they’re bread was the closest thing I found and I took it home to make Crostini’s.

This is exactly the sort of ing that is great for making a strong impression with minimal effort. Just spread a little quality olive oil in the bread, put it in a smoking hot grill for almost a minute until it is real crispy then flip and repeat. While that’s happening cube some tomato and avocado, mix with lemon juice, olive oil, cilantro, salt and pepper. Toss and mount on the bread with a bit of flare and panache.

For dessert we had some coffee ice cream with chocolate shell and Jimmy’s on top. Just to get you chocoholics off the wagon. Cook with love and eat well!