Food Photography

Recently I was approached about an interesting opportunity to support an organization called Kids and Cultures with a local foodie project called Taste the World (Lancaster) where people can buy a passport and visit local multicultural restaurants and try some of their food. They have a great Facebook page and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that I’ve been posting some of those pictures and that is because I got tapped to take the pictures.Lonely_Mug

Part of the reason I had so much fun doing this is that I got to basically find out about all these great places in a relatively short period of time. Like Lonely Monk Coffee, it’s locally roasted, globally sourced coffee. It is a great blend and incredibly aromatic (I could still smell it all over me for hours after the shoot!).

Noodle King_TofuNow, I’ve never been a huge fan of Tofu, but I have to say that this fried tofu at Noodle King were quite delicious. They were crisp and crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, basically it was like a giant french fry.

Rachel_BerriesAnd we’ve written about the crepe’s at Rachel’s before but here’s a closer look at what you’ll be getting. We love going there because the environment is so friendly and upbeat and the food is consistently good. You can also get the Lonely Monk coffee here.

Khoms_Duck SauceThis duck sauce my wife was crazy about! I was generously given a sample to bring home and she was nursing it like it was the last drop in existence! It’s got a great flavor to it, a little sweet and a little saucy.

Himalayan_Dish 1At the Himalayan Grill we were treated to a beautiful array of dishes. The smells were so intoxicating it took every shred of willpower not to dive face first into that warm, freshly made pile of Naan bread. While I still don’t have any idea what half the things were, let me tell you I was one happy camper when they let me take some of this food home to dive in to later!

Arabian Knight_SamplerWe also stopped by at the Arabian Knight and before we knew it an hour and a half had flown by as we were sat in the hookah lounge eating this delicious sampler and chatting up a storm. This is a great place to go with a group because you can all sit around a table, eat these delicacies and be so comfortable you won’t want to leave.

Cocina Mexicana_Sopa MariscoCocina Mexicana is one of those little places that look tiny from the outside but are wonderful on the inside. We had a great time talking to the owner who is originally from Puebla, Mexico, which is where my brother was born.

I have so many more but I don’t want to bore you with even more of this before we’re even done. So be sure to check out the Taste the World facebook page to be up to date on the latest news about this tasty event.