Taste the World – Exotic Food

This last week was the Lancaster Taste the World in Downtown Lancaster.


Susan and I are always excited about this event but due to the rain, she stayed home and I ventured out with my dad (he heard about the pig ears and the cactus salad and was more than happy to go). Our first stop was Upohar.


We had cabbage with shredded coconut and mustard seeds. It had a slight acidity from the mustard seeds and the coconut balanced out the flavors nicely. It seems that it would be a great side for an entree with bold flavors.


A La Cocina, a Dominican style restaurant whose name translates to The Kitchen. The flavor was fantastic though the texture was something that I wasn’t quite able to work through. My dad wasn’t worried, he finished off his and helped me with mine!


Our next stop was one of my favorites from last time, Dolce Vita Courthouse Bakery. There we had a little cranberry tart. It had the tartness from the berry and the sweetness from the custard. It was a fantastic little bite, certainly a place not to be missed!


Our next stop was the Himalayan Grill. It’s already one of those great places that we enjoy going to and this time was no different. We had chicken and lamb over a bed of lettuce.


Our next stop was at Arabian Knight. The smells, decor, seating arrangement everything was just so different that I couldn’t help but flash back to an Arabian Teahouse I visited in Granada many years ago. There we had a Dolma, a mix of rice wrapped up in a grape leaf. This was our favorite food from this tour.


At Spyro Gyro we had an Octopus Salad. Where was the Octopus you ask? Well there was only one piece in my bowl and I ate it before I realized it! Sorry about that my dad did get three pieces though, which was a lot better. The Octopus wasn’t fresh but it was no where near as chewy as I’ve had many times before.

Our next stop was Mucho Mexico. A bustling little Mexican restaurant, we had the Cactus salad. Unfortunately it looked so good that this one, I didn’t even get a chance to snap a picture if it!

Our last stop of the evening was Chez Nous, a brand new Haitian restaurant. There serving conch and friend plantains. Unfortunately, by the time we got there (about 7ish) they were already all out of Conch so we didn’t get to see it or try it. They did give us some fried plantain and said that they could offer us a discount if we show up with the passport.