Easy Pasta Recipe

After reading Adam Roberts go on and on about pasta, how delicious it is, how easy it is, I decided to make my own. After reading about his spring vegetables pasta, I ventured out to make a carnivorous and less cheesy (in the literal sense) pasta. So I decided to start off with the base of many great things, an onion.


I diced it and started it to sautee it in olive oil while I got the Italian sausage out of its casing. I gave it a couple minutes head start because I was afraid that the sausage would overcook before the onion got to its sweet spot. Diced OnionAs you can see, I used plenty of onion. Don’t be afraid of it because most of it is water and it will shrivel away into almost nothingness as it cooks. Raw SausageI treated the sausage meat much like ground beef in the sense that I try to crumble it raw and then just separated it some more once it was cooked. Here you can see the bright vibrant colors that were going in.Cooked SausageFor me one of the hardest things to adjust to moving from chorizo to sausage is that I expect it to stay red, the way chorizo does. The difference is that sausage doesn’t have the paprika in it (which is why chorizo stays reddish in color).SauceOnce the sausage was well cooked and the onions started getting crisp around the edges, I added about 12 oz of crushed tomato. I let the sauce simmer for a couple of minutes to let it reduce and the flavors to develop. At this point the pasta was already done so I went ahead and removed from the boiling salty water (as they say, salty as the ocean) and had sitting in a colander for a minute because my timing was off.Pasta-6Once the sauce had thickened a little bit I added the rotini to the sauce and it sucked up the juices just like that. I added a handful of cheese and mixed in so it would melt deliciously.Pasta-7As for plating, we had it with salad and some chopped fresh basil. Fast, easy and oh so delicious! What more could you ask for?


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