Yang’s Chinese Restaurant

We usually go out for lunch with my parents every Sunday. We coordinate together with my brother so that we can spend that time together. It’s a nice tradition to have and last Sunday we went to Yang’s Chinese Restaurant. I love going there because despite everything that has changed, Yang’s is still basically the same as I remember from years ago. We always start out the meal with these fried noodles with duck sauce and some tea.



My dad loves the Won Ton Soup, we order a small cup of soup each. It’s pretty decent, warm, not oily and the noodles are not overcooked. It’s a nice warm start to the meal and a good way to open up your appetite.

Yang03A very small appetizer, we had a little something to go along with it. My brother went with the Spring Roll. We always get a little confused about which one we like, but here’s a side by side comparison. First, my brothers’ Spring Roll.

Yang04A light crunchy exterior and vegetable filling. The egg roll on the other hand, has a crunchier exterior and meat in the filling. You can see the difference here.



I had the Kung Po Baby Shrimp, a nice mix of shrimp, Shitake mushrooms and vegetables in what appeared to be an Oyster Sauce.

Yang07My wife decided to take a chance on Chicken and Candied Walnut. It was a little bit too sweet for her, this dish is certainly better in smaller batches. Perhaps a little less candied would help a bit.

Yang08You can actually see my dad’s dish behind that. He always orders the Lo Mein, he just loves it. They very consistently deliver a good solid dish with this one. Yang09My mom, like my brother, always go for the fried rice. My mom figures she’ll just pick up bits of other people’s plates and it’ll go well with her fried rice. It’s a safe choice, like the Lo Mein, it’s pretty consistently good.



So despite a somewhat subpar health inspection review (as posted in Lancasteronline.com, there is no update as of the moment of writing this post) back in July, we keep going back. It’s been there for long enough that I should certainly hope that they’d fix those mistakes quickly.