Farewell at Friendly’s

As the Christmas season comes upon us, we prepare to travel to Guatemala to stay with my wife’s family. Due to other engagements I had to stay behind while she went ahead. The day before she left we went to Friendly’s with my parents.

Build Your Own Burger!

Build Your Own Burger!

My wife decided to go with the custom hamburger. Playfully named the “BYOB” (for Build Your Own Burger as opposed to Bring Your Own Booze, a common theme in restaurants here in the US). She couldn’t have been happier with it! The meat was correctly cooked, the flavor combination was exactly as she had hoped and she considered an all around successful dish. Perhaps not a world class burger, but decent one all the same.

IMG_1157My dad loves the asian salad. He started getting this every time we go and it’s pretty much what you’d assume it to be. A salad with asian dressing, mandarin slices, chicken and some kind of fried strips for crunch along with the toasted almonds.

Fisherman's PlatterI debated what to get and wound up going for the Fisherman’s Platter, with fried shrimp, scallops and flounder. It was well prepared though, again, nothing terribly extraordinary. The scallops and shrimp were especially crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. IMG_1163My brother opted for the Crispy Fried Chicken. As you can see (a couple other pieces were behind that big piece). As is the running theme with the meal, It was prepared well enough but won’t really blow you away.IMG_1164My mom loves this clam strip platter. It reminds her of Fall River where she grew up. She pours some Malt Vinegar on it and saves half for another day. As you will have noticed, several of the dishes were good enough without being truly great. It’s a great execution for a chain restaurant and the tradition of eating here is part of what keeps bringing us back. It’s very child friendly and you’ll notice it from the amount of kids that are always there!

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  1. Hey Seth!, nice blog you have going on here!!!!!, I’m glad you and your wife are coming, I hope you have a blast and enjoy the holidays here in!!!! Merry Xmas buddy!!!

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