Leftovers from Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving rolled past we are almost always left with a mountain of turkey. That almost always leads to having turkey non stop for days afterward. I prefer to have some variety and turkey at noon and at night just doesn’t do it for me. I like a nice light supper and poached eggs are so easy and delicious that it makes it a great choice.IMG_0881

All it takes is some hot water right before the boiling point and a splash of vinegar. I just pour the egg on to a slotted spoon to loose the watery egg white and carefully pour the rest into the water. Once it’s done just carefully remove from the water and you have a beautifully poached egg. I usually like to unstick it from the bottom as soon as it’s solid enough.IMG_1149But this is about thanksgiving leftovers and I enjoy the typical sandwich approach. Here are my ingredients. Two slices of texas toast, buttered on the outside, some turkey, cranberry sauce and dressing.IMG_1140I like to keep some weight on top to keep it nice and tight and so it’ll stick together a little better. Once it’s toasty on one side flip it and toast the other side.IMG_1142I like my sandwiches cut diagonally that’ll keep the sandwich together while you eat and gives you a good way to make sure you get a good mix of the ingredients.IMG_1147This is what I look at. That is bacon, yes. So enjoy whatever leftovers you still have!

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