Our Third Anniversary

A couple weeks ago we celebrated our third anniversary (Yay for us!). To celebrate, we decided to go to Himalayan Curry & Grill. A few weeks later we wound up doing a photo shoot of their food (which we’ll get in to later) but that night was our celebration. We started off eating their wafer thin chips with what I believe to be anise seeds. Here is one with a bit of their tomato relish.

IMG_0823As an appetizer we ordered a breaded cauliflower in a sweet and slightly spicy sauce. This was one of my favorite things of the night. The cauliflower still had a little bite to it, the breading was crunchy (for a while at least) and the sauce was a little sweet without being overbearing.

IMG_0831Next thing we know they’re bringing out these chickpea patties with a Tamarind and Yogurt sauce, complements of the house! Susan really liked these.

IMG_0832Just when we thought that was it, they brought this out! As far as I can tell it’s tofu cubes marinated in a spicy sauce so it doesn’t taste at all like tofu and is accompanied with onion and peppers.

IMG_0833The hands-down winner of every time we go there, the Chicken Tikka Masala. I won’t even go in to the complex flavors going on here but it’s by far one of their best dishes.IMG_0834We also took a stab at the chicken in a Mango Curry. It was very good, playing with the chef’s ever present balance of sweet and spicy, riding the line without crossing it. IMG_0835And you can’t really have it without the rice to soak up the sauce and bring a neutral element to the plate. This is your Switzerland.IMG_0839The other star of the night (and every night for that matter) is the garlic Naan bread. Always warm, always fresh and just slightly garlicky. The combination of a crispy edge with the warm fluffy interior is something that must be tried.IMG_0874One of the owners was nice enough to take this picture of us celebrating.IMG_0877And while we decided to decline dessert, they brought out this magnificent dessert. I had never tried this before but it’s almost like a hispanic pastel de tres leches. It is some sort of Nepalese cheesecake so I was extremely trepidatious because I don’t care for cheese and that includes cream cheese! But this tasted nothing like cheese, it was kind of milky and pillowy and wonderful. All together, we had an amazing time and are looking forward to going again!