Hello old friend

So now that we have some sort of stability in life, we celebrated at one of our favorite Mexican put stops, el pueblito.


This is our go to, the Torta el Pueblito. It has everything in it, but we’ve already gone down this road in Mexican Food.


One thing We didn’t talk about was the aisle of temptation! As we go to pay we walk past a huge display full of all kinds of goodies.


Now, we don’t discriminate against fast food. Here’s my lovely wife showing us her Jimmy Johns sub. We hadn’t tried it until fairly recently but it’s a great option for something light and relatively healthy to eat.


Chick-fil-a is something that we tried on a road trip once but never got out to the one in Lancaster. Finally, after months of talking about it, we finally went. The sandwich is very good, juicy on the inside but crunchy on the outside.


And this is a strawberry flower I made for Susan when I took her breakfast in bed on Saturday. It’s great to be back and sharing again, leave some love and comment!