Barnstormers, Panera and 4th of July

As 4th of July rolled around, we wanted to experience as much as we could. We were fortunate enough to get some tickets to the Barnstormers game.BarnstormersNot one to keep fun times to myself, Susan and I went with my parents. Here we are enjoying the goodies during the game.FamilyBut what 4th of July is complete without a BBQ at the park. On Saturday, we went to Lancaster County Central Park. In preparation of that, we made Chirmol, a roasted tomato sauce that can be placed on meat.


Here are the wonderfully roasted plumb tomatoes we got. I’ll show you a picture of that in a bit but first, we have some steaks!


We had country style ribs, steaks and lamb chops and for dessert….well, what would you do?


Nothing wraps up a BBQ quite like s’mores! After that we made our way over to Long’s Park. We got there early enough we were still able to choose a pretty good spot.

Long's Park

While I wasn’t hungry, I found there were plenty of options to indulge. I did, however go for some french fries and my wife was inclined to get some ice cream (which was ridiculously overpriced though it was quite good).

Blog07Now, having gone through the trouble to make the Chirmol, we had to put it to good use. So for brunch, I had some steak and eggs. Blog08A pretty straightforward ordeal. A wonderfully Medium Rare steak with a nice sunny side up egg, crispy on the edges just how I like it! In that vein, I took a stab at making sliders. With a little butter and oil in a cast iron pan. That’s the best way to get results like these.


Shortly after that, in a whirlwind couple of weeks, we moved to our new apartment! We are just loving the new place what with the swimming pool, tennis court, plush carpet and being so close to work. Just to give you an idea, here is my new kitchen!


My wife made sure it didn’t stay this barren for very long, it’s a fully functional kitchen now but this is a glimpse at the raw material we had to work with. As the apartment was completely empty, we had to go to my parents house to cook supper. We decided to have Ramen noodles.


I personally like mine with some poached chicken and, pardon the redundancy, poached egg. My wife, however, prefers hers with sliced radish and a fried egg.


Now that we’re moved in, we don’t see my parents quite as often any more but on Sunday we had lunch together at Panera Bread. My dad has been enjoying salads lately and he got what has now become one of his favorites, Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad.


My mom had the Tuna Sandwich with the corn chowder and Susan had a flatbread BBQ Chicken sandwich with the Cheddar Broccoli soup. Not a huge fan myself, but we had a great time and that is something that you should never underestimate.


I had a fairly plain Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT with a black bean soup. The soup was actually not too bad, not as good as mine, but pretty good nonetheless.


At Aldi’s we got this delicious bread which I decided to grill up and top with some tomato and avocado. Absolutely delicious!


It’s quite straightforward, really. Just grill up some really good bread. Cut some avocado and tomato, mix up with olive oil, salt and pepper. I cut up the toast to make it easier to eat, and voila!


So, we’ve had some great food and some great experiences. Have questions? Leave me a comment!





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  1. Nice. Looks like you love food as much as I do! We’ll have to cook together some time, and maybe play tennis after to burn off the calories!

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