A Bite to Eat

To start off on a sweet note, a co-worker who very often brings us snacks, today brought back some chocolate from Chicago. That was some really good chocolate, I grabbed the Peanut Butter.

Photo Jul 22, 8 29 38 AM

And on that same day, my wife decided to try something a little experimental. This potato skillet with chorizo was very close to being great! Certainly something worth tinkering with.

Photo Jul 22, 12 34 25 PM

Along with that she made me an absolutely delicious chicken topped with an egg, sunny side up.

Photo Jul 22, 12 33 34 PM

We ate on a gorgeous plate that our neighbor gave us. Another approach we’ve taken is to use smaller plates and these are perfect for that! I have to say that it felt good, we had a pretty full plate without having a ton of food and I left feeling like I had plenty to eat.

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