Checking out Chipotle

A few weeks ago Chipotle showed up in Lancaster. It took us a little while but today we finally made our way there. It was fairly crowded, not overly so, but because they hardly have any tables, the whole place was full. So we decided to opt for takeout. The smell of the grill going was great on the way in.


As we were walking up the line, we were checking out the options. I decided to go for a bowl and my wife decided to go for a burrito. The menu isn’t that vast but there’s enough combinations to satisfy most tastes. Here is the view as you reach the front of the line.

lineThere’s different kinds of rices, sauces, beans and meats. I went for the carnitas with white rice, black beans, medium sauce and extra avocado. The portions are very generous and all the ingredients were quite well prepared. Only problem is, by the time we got home the moisture had weakened the paper bag and as Susan got out of the car, the bag tore open through the bottom.


At the top you can see the torn out bottom of the bag. A couple lessons learned, take a plastic bag for takeout or eat in. We also got a side of chips and salsa. The chips started out crisp and salty but they get stale very quickly. My suggestions? Pass unless that’s all you’re eating and you’ll eat them soon.


The salsa, on the other hand, was quite good. Great, actually. We got the medium spicy but it was too spicy for a dip. It was great in my bowl but I think the Mild would have been a better choice for the dip.


So here’s the spread, ready for a TV Dinner!Photo Jul 22, 8 19 59 PM


The bowl was quite good, the layers were spread out adequately enough that just about every forkful had a good amount of everything. I think I could have used some bread or tortillas to go with it but I’m making an effort to eat a little better and breaking the habit of bread is one thing I’m trying to do. Of course, that would sound better without the mountain of tortilla chips.

Photo Jul 22, 8 22 03 PM

Sorry for the grainy picture but we were already watching the movie and it was pretty dark. As you can see, the layers line up very nicely. There was actually so much avocado on there that I used it as a dip as well!

Photo Jul 22, 8 22 13 PMThis is the burrito. There’s a bit of lack of proportion in the picture but it is actually a little thicker than my fist. A very impressive meal I must say.

Photo Jul 22, 8 23 55 PM

This gives a bit better perspective, you can see she’s holding it with both hands. She only was able to get about two thirds of the way through it so I would say it’s a hearty meal if ever there was one.