Discover The Belvedere Inn

Lancaster, PA can be a surprising city. While often times people only think of “Amish Country”, Lancaster city itself has quit a few gems to discover. One visit that inspired me to start up again was my lunch at the historic Belvedere Inn.

Some great people like Lancaster Transplant and Lancexplorer have done a great job of sharing some of these gems and I thought I was time I start showcasing this beautiful city a little bit more. Maybe others will be encouraged to discover them as well!

Discover The Belvedere Inn

Discover The Belvedere Inn, 402 N Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603

I’ve driven past this location hundreds of times. I heard that it was great but our finances are pretty tied up so we haven’t had a chance to try it. Until now. Last week I had a chance to have a lunch meeting there and it surpassed my expectations.


Mini Kobe Burgers

Mini Kobe Burgers in a Bao bun

The menu isn’t huge, there is a choice of four or five items but what they do, they do beautifully.

I started off with the Mini Kobe Burgers. Three Bao Buns with Mini Kobe beef patties slathered with a soy-ginger aioli.

Bao Bun Kobe Sliders

A Soy Ginger Aioli

The buns were light and fluffy with juicy and the Kobe beef patties were tender and juicy. Most noteworthy was the sweet and spicy chili sauce that I urge you to try. I liberally slathered the delectable sauce on the bun and regret nothing!

It’s a little sweet with just a hint of spicy that might be imperceptible at first but starts to warm up after a few bites.


Almost like a sign, a ray of sunlight fell across our table making it impossible not to take a moment to photograph my entree.

Salmon Special

Belvedere Inn Salmon Special

The Salmon was lightly breaded and most beautifully cooked. I believe that Salmon is a great bellwether for the quality of the chef because there is just a brief window where it is juicy, tender and flaky. The light breading gave it a crunchy and very flavorful crust.

The mussels were also tender and came off the shell quite easily. The flavors in this dish were strong and would overpower the mussels if taken in one bite but having the mussel with the sauce and worked surprisingly well between bites.


While I usually skip dessert, not having as much of a sweet tooth, everything was so perfect I couldn’t resist a dessert.

Creme Brulee

Crème brûlée

Beautiful, right? The custard was creamy without being gelatinous and had a deep, rich flavor. Now, my only complaint is that I love crackling the caramelized sugar on top which, this time, wasn’t quite as satisfying as I had hoped.


It was a great experience all around. Most importantly, service was friendly and relaxed and we certainly did not feel rushed.

The food may have been in the spotlight but the decor and ambiance most certainly framed it beautifully. It has a historic feel about it without being ostentatious. I immediately felt comfortable like I walked into my neighborhood bistro.