Steaming Hot Pho at Rice & Noodle

What could be better on a cold winter night than a steaming hot bowl of Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. That is what drew us to Rice & Noodle on one this particular occasion.

Pho Soup Toppings

Fresh toppings

Coming in through the entrance, we found a small line which is not unusual for a Friday night. We got on the list and had to wait a few minutes. After a few moments we were led to a small, two person table with a view into the kitchen.

Pho Bo, Beef Vietnamese Souo

Pho Bo

And Now We Eat Pho!

It wasn’t long before we were settled in and enjoying our fragrant Pho with the fragrant broth and the fresh basil filling the air around us. The restaurant has a homey feel about it, similar to sitting in your best friends dining room.

The broth was rich and deep. It had those flavors that only appear after long hours of slowly simmering away.The fresh basil and sprouts provided a delicious crunch, bringing about a delightful contrast of texture, temperature and feel. The noodles were abundant making me feel like I was being fed by a loving grandmother who felt I wasn’t eating enough!

Time for Dessert

We had a variety of dessert options from Macaroons to parfaits but I’m not one to pass up a chance to have some flan. Growing up in Spain, this was one of my childhood favorites and this flan did also bring up just a little nostalgia.

Egg Flan

Classic Flan

It was a little more shallow than expected but flavor was spot on. It was dense and creamy with a sweet caramel that was much more liquid and abundant than traditionally found. In flan, the caramel is usually thicker and not abundant enough to require a deep dish. That being said, the caramel sauce was quite tasty if somewhat mild in flavor.



1238 Lititz Pike Lancaster, PA