Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving just passed us by and I’m sure there was a lot of tradition and innovation in all of your kitchens. Our kitchen was more of a collaboration than usual. The reason I say that is because when I was little it was basically my mom cooking. Then when I learned how to cook and learned that I enjoyed cooking, I took over. My mom would step in from time to time to answer a question or two but she very gladly handed it over to me. One of the dishes I did own, however, was the cranberry sauce.IMG_1123 Continue reading

Our Third Anniversary

A couple weeks ago we celebrated our third anniversary (Yay for us!). To celebrate, we decided to go to Himalayan Curry & Grill. A few weeks later we wound up doing a photo shoot of their food (which we’ll get in to later) but that night was our celebration. We started off eating their wafer thin chips with what I believe to be anise seeds. Here is one with a bit of their tomato relish.

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Fermented Foods Workshop

Today I was able to drop in on a Fermented Foods workshop given by Susan Whitney at Alicia’s Massage and Wellness Center. I got to play around with our new 50 mm lens and got some interesting shots. I’ll be interviewing her on Friday for an article I’m working on so I’ll have something more interesting to say about fermented foods then but I just love the pictures I get with this lens.

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Taste the World – Finger Food

We love going to Taste the World Lancaster. Since taking the pictures earlier this year, we’ve been going to every tour so far. As the last one is coming up a week from now, I wanted to take a minute to share some pictures of the delectable morsels that we feasted on the Finger Food tour in October. But first, here’s Susan and me hiding from the rain.

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Yang’s Chinese Restaurant

We usually go out for lunch with my parents every Sunday. We coordinate together with my brother so that we can spend that time together. It’s a nice tradition to have and last Sunday we went to Yang’s Chinese Restaurant. I love going there because despite everything that has changed, Yang’s is still basically the same as I remember from years ago. We always start out the meal with these fried noodles with duck sauce and some tea.



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Chorizo Lasagna

Lasagna is a very easy dish to make so when I was thinking of a dish to make for a small group, I thought that would be a great option. Now, I could have just dumped some marinara onto some pasta and stick it in the oven, but that’s just not how I do it. While I wasn’t going to take on my own sauce, I did try to bring out some more flavor than you would otherwise see. I started with some onion and garlic in olive oil.

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Easy Pasta Recipe

After reading Adam Roberts go on and on about pasta, how delicious it is, how easy it is, I decided to make my own. After reading about his spring vegetables pasta, I ventured out to make a carnivorous and less cheesy (in the literal sense) pasta. So I decided to start off with the base of many great things, an onion.

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