Del puente and other experiments

Wow so that’s frustrating. I was almost done writing this post when it got erased. Yeah, not happy. So, I will now try to remember everything I had written.

My wife likes to eat out. I LOVE eating out. It’s better than going to the movies which, for me, is quite a statement. So when we finally sat down to figure out where all our money was going we came to the shocking (or maybe not so shocking) conclusion that we were spending an inordinate amount on food. That was when we decided to change our habits and stopped eating out as often and, even more important, as expensive.

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Oh the ribs, the ribs!

In Latin America, as well as many other Catholic-influenced countries, Easter is celebrated with Holy Week. This is an entire week when everything stops and people do one of two things. Either they go to religious processions and participate in the joy of it all or they get hell out of Dodge and spend a few days away with friends or family. The most popular location is the beach, which is what took us to the Lake.

Lake Atitlan is a beautiful lake in Solola. Here’s a picture for you to see what I’m talking about:

Lake Atitlan – Seth Mariscal

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Delicious, Fresh and Wonderful

Being married is different. I think that’s somewhat of an understatement but it is wonderful. I do love every minute of it. One of the ways it has changed things is that now I cook more. I have to since my wife is used to eating home cooked meals everyday and not eating out that often (like me!). So I FINALLY discovered fresh mushrooms. All my life I kind of ignored mushrooms. I could take them or leave them, made no real difference to me.

Life changing events

This has been an amazing year. It’s hard to say one thing that has stuck out from the rest. It’s had its ups and downs bit overall I’d say that it’s been very good.

Work has been great, the new house is very nice and my fiancée is a great girl. The best.

It’s on sleepless night like this one where your kind of start to think about how life is changing. In a couple months I will be cohabiting. No longer will my mess be mine alone to deal with!

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The Beginnings

The cold pre-dawn chill seeps through the walls and into my sheets. Not even the few hours of sleep shielded me from waking to the frosty sensation that envelopes me this early morning.

There’s something to be said for waking up with the cold. It wakes you up faster than a shot of espresso or a slap in the face. Suitcase, toothbrush, the sudden realization that I haven’t packed. We’re off to the lake today!

I know it was a little bit long for a preamble to such a short announcement but really, it’s just another of the great things that have been happening. I’m engaged to a wonderful and beautiful woman, we just got our mortgage approved for our future home and I got the dream job that I had applied for.

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