Bon Apetite and Yamada Sushi

As you have probably noticed there is quite a bit less going on in the blog than usual. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m still not consistently employed and we therefore have to be very careful with our expenditures. Things have started looking up and hopefully we’ll have some good news on that front soon. But on to food, which is the reason you’re here.

A couple weeks ago my parents took us to a small but gorgeous corner bakery at the intersection between Walnut and Prince St. In downtown Lancaster called The Shoppes at 301 North Queen St. They have all kinds of goodies from duck fat to a varied selection of dipping oils. Here are my parents waiting for their meal.

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*Guest Post* Roasting a Turkey 101

This year, we are pleased to share this post with all the Nutty Food Lover readers our Go-To post for Roasting a Turkey. Over the course of years, both Seth and us (Helga and Kitty) started our own food blogs – based in Guatemala, and often shared tips and recipes on our Twitter accounts or Facebook pages.

The Foodies’ Kitchen is a blog that not only helps us to broaden our recipe book but also share all the recipes (along with some of our own!) with all the foodies from around the world. We believe that you do not need expensive or sophisticated ingredients to create a great dish, so what you will find in our blog are recipes that we have tested in our kitchens which we have collected from food magazines, TV shows, food websites, cookbooks, and even our own original concoctions.

We have recipes that range from quick and easy for when you have 30 minutes (and sometimes less) to get food on the table, to fantastic meals for that special dinner, healthy and not so healthy… but delicious recipes.

We hope that you enjoy this post which includes general guidelines for roasting a turkey which we got from Williams-Sonoma and Epicurious’ websites. We’ve added some of our own comments as well.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Helga & Kitty
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Le Pain Quotidien

For my weekend my wife and I drove up to NYC to spend the weekend with some friends. On Saturday night we were walking around town waiting for a surprise they had in store for me. All I knew is to dress up and that we had to be there at a given time. While we were waiting our friend Mario steered us to Le Pain Quotidien, a small bakery and restaurant about a block away from Lincoln Center. Since we had been walking for quite a while, I had a refreshing mint lemonade. Continue reading

Manna Pan Asian Fusion

A couple weeks ago was my birthday (as you may have noticed from my birthday posts) and we went to Manna Pan Asian Fusion with my family. Being fairly new in the area I decided to take to the internet and found that Manna has great reviews. It was a slow Friday afternoon so I was a little concerned that service might be off, but as soon we got there the waitress showed up to take our drink orders. I decided to try out the Tai Sweet Tea.

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All I Want for my Birthday

So my birthday was in Sunday Susan and I decided to go spend the weekend with our good friends who we will refer to as M&M because they’re sweet, delightful and it’s the first letter of their first names. So we had a great weekend exploring NYC all of which I’ll come back to later because there’s a lot to share and that is not what this post is about. It’s abut the most awesome birthday present that my wife got me. It’s this molecular gastronomy kit that she got from Think Geek. Sorry the pics a little grainy but it was a surprise!

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Crêpe’s & Crostini

Since our move to the US, one of the things that we really missed was going out to Café Saúl for a crepe so when I heard that there was a good place for crepes in Lancaster, we just had to check out Rachel’s Creperie. We made this a family outing and went with my parents. My wife decided to go for the banana nut crepe which, while simple, packed a vivacious combination of banana, Nutella and peanut butter.

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Labor Day Post

Now, I realize that I usually write about food and will diverge slightly from that topic for today. Today is Labor day in the U.S. which means that a lot of people will have the day off work. There are also a lot of people, approximately 8.3% of the population, who are unemployed.

They say that you never really appreciate something until you lose it and I think that applies very well in this case. Unemployment hast been improving steadily since November 2009 according to Google Public Data and even though sometimes it’s hard to see the improvement when you’re the one who’s still struggling to find work, it really is getting better. It’s normal for many people to be frustrated that it’s taking so long, especially in a now now now culture that we have developed but if you take a step back you can see that things are improving.

I know this from personal experience and even though it can be easy to get impatient because that perfect job doesn’t show up at the drop of a hat I have to force myself to remember that it hasn’t been as long as it feels, that there’s still a lot I can do and to be grateful for the freelance work that I’ve gotten in the mean time.

With elections coming up, the economy is an obvious point of contention between the candidates and, of course, the voters. No matter which side of the fence you are one, today is a great opportunity to remember to be grateful for the work you do have, and for the things that it allows you to do.

Have a great story about finding work you want to share with us all? Send me an email at

Blackened Fish with Pico de Gallo

Part of being on a budget means not going out to eat. I have acknowledged the fact and have focused on cooking. So why no cooking posts? Mostly because I completely forgot that I had a camera to take the pictures with since I used to do it with my iPhone which I no longer have. So after  a beautiful and meditative walk with my wife in a Lancaster park yesterday, I decided to take some great food pictures. What better recipe to start with than my blackened cod (though today we substituted for another white fish).

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First of all I’d like to apologize for disappearing like that but if you follow me on Facebook you’ve probably seen some mention of recent changes and a big announcement. Well, the fact is that we have moved to the U.S. and are currently living in Pennsylvania. We’re discovering a whole new world out here, looking for work, setting up life and getting things moving. But right before we left, we went to Klosters a few times.

Most people who know me know that I really don’t like cheese. It isn’t that the idea is something I don’t like, I actually love the idea and really wish I could like it but the flavor is just beyond me. I love the texture, I love how it looks but the taste and smell are just beyond me. Until know. But first, we’ll paralyze a few taste buds with a wee sip  of the good stuff.

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More delicious home cooking

So part of being on a budget means cooking at home and since I’ve been home quite a bit more recently I was able to make one of my favorites: Risotto. This rice dish is made with arborio rice and requires quite a bit of attention. The first thing I did was fry up the rice with some great olive oil.

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